Retreat Time!!!

Is it wrong to be so excited to go to a quilting retreat? 

My LQS hosts a quilt retreat 3 times a year.  My friend Julie and I attend 2 of them, the November and February retreats.  The LQS really knows how to put on a retreat.  They bring bolts of fabric, quilt and project kits, they offer mini sessions on new products, and lots of sale items.  The even have 2 massage therapists that give a 15-minute back massage.  What more could a girl want?

Even though the retreat is in the same town I live in, Julie and I stay at the hotel.  It is so much nicer to go to a warm hotel room at 3 a.m. rather than climbing into cold car.  I get plenty of strange looks from the hotel staff when they see that I am staying at the hotel.  Many of the hotel workers are former students of mine.  The strange looks could be because of how tired I look, the random threads hanging from me, or the retreat-themed apparel I am wearing.

My friend, Julie, and I started going to retreats in November 2012.  Julie and I tend to talk to anyone around us.   It was our first retreat and we were fortunate enough to sit by some great ladies who shared our sense of humor.  We now retreat together as a group.  The Stewartville ladies have been together for years, but Julie and I have found acceptance within their ranks. There are lots of laughs, some teasing, sharing of supplies, lots of support, and plenty of wine.

So what am I going to pack?  According to my husband, it seems that I pack everything I can into my SUV.  I always pack more projects than I can complete and have hope that I finish all of them.


  • Colorful Christmas Fire Escape quilt
  • Joy Fire Escape quilt
  • Sew Stitchy Stacked Coins quilt
  • Hometown Stacked Coins quilt

A little preview of the quilts:

IMG_1120  IMG_1128


In Progress:

Vice Versa BOM fabrics – The backing is Acacia by Tula Pink


I have ordered a peony pink, a violet purple, and a dark turquoise to go with these.

Possible new starts:

Lots to do before Friday!  Looking forward to some laughs and serious sewing time!

About My Pieced Life

I am in love with all things quilting. My sewing room has many works-in-progress and a large stash of fabric. I have big plans and lots of ideas of creations I would like to make. My wonderful husband supports my obsession and Carson, my Australian terrier, keeps me company while I sew.
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3 Responses to Retreat Time!!!

  1. msminnesota says:

    I think maybe I should start pressing & cutting! What more could a girl want? Free alcohol….but then again we wouldn’t get much accomplished!
    Can’t wait to get to A-town and get started on Friday!

  2. Friday can’t come soon enough! Tomorrow night will be spent making Joy binding for the Fire Escape quilt, lots of pressing, and hopefully some cutting of the both BOMs.

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