WIP #5 – Country Girls Hexie Quilt

I have been trying to decide which fabric to use for Lori Holt’s Hexie quilt pattern.  I bought the templates last fall and was thinking of making it in Riley Blake’s Too Cute to Spook fabric.  Of course, that was decided after Halloween and soon my focus was on Christmas.  I am a fan of Tasha Noel fabric and drawings.  I have some of her Simple Life and Little Red Riding Hood fabric in my stash.  I fell in love with her latest line, Country Girls.  I was raised a country girl, was a 4-Her, and live on a dairy and crop farm.  It has been almost 20 years since I have lived on a farm, but Tasha’s Country Girls still resonate with me.

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I had purchased a fat quarter bundle prior to Fabriholics Anonymous.  I did some fussy cutting with a couple of the prints.  That limited the number of full blocks I would get.  Also, for some reason I thought that I needed quarter hexies for the end of each row.  So after much cutting, I realized that I didn’t have enough fabric to finish the quilt.  I purchased a Riley Blake 10 inch stacker to complete the quilt.  I had enough fabric for 14 rows, but the pattern needed 20 rows.  I also ordered a half yard of 2 of the fabrics that I fussy cut and dug a yard of The Simple Life, to give them a few more options during the layout.

How cute is the ducky selvedge?  This is definitely going into my selvedge jar!

I had 13 rows sewn together.  I looked at the pattern and picture and realized my error.



So for rows 14-20, I was able to make the change before I sewed the rows together.  Unfortunately, that means that I have 13 rows that will need to rip 2 quarter hexes off the ends.  I hate ripping and having to re-sew.  It would bother me more to not have the quilt the way I want it.  There was so much progress, but there were a few steps back due to my lack of reading the instructions.  I am very visual and having pictures for a pattern is so helpful.  After my mistake, I also realized that Lori Holt and Fat Quarter Shop put out a video that is available on youtube.

I was able to use my Design-A-Way wall.  I worked from the bottom up on my design wall.  I didn’t have to crawl around on the floor to lay out my quilt.  I rolled up the screen when I had the layout I wanted.  Then I could work at eye level as I took the fabric hexies off to sew together.



The ripping and re-sewing has delayed the process, but I really wanted to to have it ready to long arm quilt March 23.  I won’t have any time to sew this weekend between 3 birthday celebrations and the MN state high school boys basketball tournament.  Austin’s Boys Basketball team is ranked 2nd in the state in 3AAA.  Go Packers!!

I was a worker bee and finished the top, the backing, and made the binding yesterday!  Whooo000 Hoooooo!!!



Definitely going to be quilted on March 23rd!  I am thinking a simple daisy will the long-arm quilting pattern.

I am linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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I am in love with all things quilting. My sewing room has many works-in-progress and a large stash of fabric. I have big plans and lots of ideas of creations I would like to make. My wonderful husband supports my obsession and Carson, my Australian terrier, keeps me company while I sew.
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12 Responses to WIP #5 – Country Girls Hexie Quilt

  1. Christa says:

    I like your fabric choices and especially the larger sized hexies. They seem doable this way!

    • The quilt really came together quickly – well, after I fixed my mistake. Would definitely make this quilt again! Thanks for stopping by! Loved your posts about careers in quilting.

  2. Jasmine says:

    This looks great! I have been wanting to make a quilt like it since I bought the Hex-n-more ruler. Thanks for sharing… And your design wall is awesome!

    • It is a pretty simple quilt to make if you read the directions! I did some fussy cutting, that is why I ran out of fabric. Love my design wall, wonder why I waited so long. I tried a couple of the cheaper versions, but they didn’t work for me. I had an epiphany this morning, I could start the quilt on one roller, and continue it on my second roller, just pull the screen down and continue on like it is one really large wall. I would be the company thought of that, it juste takes me a bit longer sometimes.

  3. Kelly says:

    Ohh, I totally know the pain of ripping rows, it is crappy! Such darling fabrics! Congrats on the bball tourney- I have an aspiring player in my 13 year old son! Just finished up our season…not quite there yet! Our Somerset team was just one game away from WI state..so I definitely know the excitement! Have fun!

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  5. I hate ripping out too, but if I know the end result is going to plague my thoughts, I will go ahead and do it. This quilt is absolutely stunning! I love the pattern, the colors, the fabrics- everything!

    Thanks for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Thank you for the compliments! I am glad that I did do the ripping – there is a reason there are patterns – just have to read. ; ) Thanks for hosting Needle and Thread Thursday – a lot of great projects!

  6. The Sassy Quilter says:

    Amazing! Love this line. I have some and can’t wait to use it. This looks so perfect and the daisies will be the cherry on top:)

    • I am a huge fan of Tasha Noel’s fabric! I actually bought a couple prints from her for my sewing room. Have you seen them on etsy? too cute! I look forward to seeing what you make with Country Girls.

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