April Fabriholics Anonymous Update

April started out with 1 fabric purchase:  A fat eight bundle of Sweetwater wishes, a yard for biding, and 5 yards of backing.  All was off 40% off.  I was so proud of myself.  I was really making a concentrated effort to not purchase so much fabric.


Backing                                                                    Binding A

il_570xN.577975081_lg31   il_570xN.559973528_l2pt

Binding B:                                                                  Binding C:il_570xN.548335642_odqc    il_570xN.560085027_of5x

All of that changed when I started selling off some of my stash April 18th off Instagram.  I posted about this here.  Part of my pledge was that I am able to use any money I make from selling off my stash.   Well, I sold over $500 worth, and then proceeded to spend said amount!  Not going to lie, it was a bit of a rush!

I went a little overboard!  I didn’t spend more money than I made, but I did buy lots of fabric.  I bought few more yards of Tula Pink’s Nightshade with the intent to resell them on Instagram.


I purchased a half bundle of Tula Pink Fox Field, $3.18 a half yard.


I thought that was a decent deal.  The etsy shop was having a moving sale, so in addition to the bundle I purchased backing and binding for a Fox Field quilt and binding for a Acacia quilt.

il_570xN.577971807_o5r2  il_570xN.568646746_m7fd

And a few extra pieces of fabric,  couldn’t resist the temptation!

il_570xN.568649224_aul5  il_570xN.579370848_odud

I purchased the backing and binding of my Acacia quilt from Hawthorne Threads.

il_570xN.481037950_2c7e il_570xN.505449398_m2ma

I purchased the backing for my Tula Pink Salt Water quilt – I was able to find the backing and binding for $6 a yard.  I choose Salt Water Tortoise Shell and Submarines, both in coral.

il_570xN.415005596_coqs   il_570xN.578471640_h9qp

Also on the scorecard of money leaving my checking account, 2 yards of Robert Kaufman dots to complete my Lots of Dots Arithmetic quilt.   Decided to go bigger being I had leftovers, just needed 2 fat quarters to add variety and a yard for binding.


Most of the fabric purchased in April was either to complete a quilt, for backing, or for binding.  The Tula Pink Fox Field Half Yard Bundle was a treat for me.  If you haven’t caught on yet, I am a huge Tula Pink fan, a #tulatroop member!

I consider April a bit of a wash.  There was a lot of yardage moved in and out of my house!       Not sure that is progress, but am willing to be optimistic that I am abiding by the Fabriholics Anonymous rules.

About My Pieced Life

I am in love with all things quilting. My sewing room has many works-in-progress and a large stash of fabric. I have big plans and lots of ideas of creations I would like to make. My wonderful husband supports my obsession and Carson, my Australian terrier, keeps me company while I sew.
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One Response to April Fabriholics Anonymous Update

  1. wombatquilts says:

    You are a stronger person than I. I could not even fathom contemplating NOT buying fabric. I should but I can not.

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