Terry Atkinson Test Pattern Class

For the last 2 years, my LQS has hosted Terry Atkinson test pattern sessions.  If you have never tried one, it is well worth the experience

Here is my first test pattern class quilt.  Just don’t look too closely!  It is the first quilt that I ever made.  There was a glitch in the pattern and I attempted to solve the problem. The churn dash blocks are a little small, so I added a border around them.   Doesn’t seem like much of an issue, except I didn’t trim my blocks down.  So some of the churn dash blocks have thicker borders.  You do what you have to do!


Quilt pattern designers need to have people test the pattern before printing.  My LQS sent out an e-mail offering the opportunity to try Terry’s latest pattern before it went to quilt market.  This is the 2nd test pattern class I have completed. The quilt shop shares a picture of the quilt you will be making along with fabric requirements.


Once you have registered, the LQS will forward cutting instructions for the fabric.  You are to show up to class prepared to sew.   There is a lot of excitement as the quilters unloaded their bags and sewing machine.  It is fun to see all of the different fabric selections and combinations.

Scrappy Quilt Cutting Instructions

Assorted Prints 5 fat quarters (18” x 21”) from each print:

  • cut 2 strips 2.5″ x 21″ (cut 4: 2.5 x 10″)
  • cut 3 strips 2″ x 21″ (set aside 2 strips, cut 4: 2″ x 4.5″)
  • cut 3 strips 1.5″ x 21″ (set aside)

Background 31⁄4yds.

  • cut 5 strips 10″ x 42″ (cut 10:
  • cut 5 strips 4″ x 42″ (cut 10:
  • cut 3 strips 21⁄2″ x 42  (cut 20: 2.5″x4″, cut 20: 2.5″ x 2″)
  • cut 15 strips 2″ x 42″ (cut 30: 2″x21″)

Binding 5/8 yd

  • cut 7 strips 2.5″ x 42″

Terry Atkinson hands out the instructions on how to sew the fabric together.  There are no verbal instructions given.  What is interesting is how people interpret the instructions.  Some people can jump right in and others need a bit more time to process or explanation.  This gives the quilt pattern designer feedback on whether the instructions make sense and if the cutting instructions are accurate.  As the class progresses, ladies share their finished blocks.

I don’t often sew with others.  I am always amazed at how fast some people sew.  Some of the ladies walked out with many blocks together.  Others share their one glorious block that has been completed in the 2 ½ hours.  Can you tell I am in the latter group?  : )

What is really cool about the process, is that if you have questions about the pattern, the designer is right there.

I really like making Terry Atkinson quilt patterns, for me they “make sense”.   I have many of her patterns in my collection.   I understand the instructions and visuals.  I can’t say that about all of the quilt patterns I have come across.

I liked the pattern so much that I made 2 different twin size versions of the Wishi Washi/Tortilla Strips quilt.    The name was changed when the pattern went to print.

Do you see a trend here?  I often make use a pattern more than once.  Does that allow me the justification to buy more patterns?

Quilt #1 – Solids with Ellen Luckett Bakers’s Quilt Blocks chartreuse



I added a border on to the quilt, using the colors the same colors as the blocks.

image       image

Quilt #2 – Modern Vintage by Bonnie and Camille

Terry Atkinson Tortilla Strips Quilt in Bonnie and Camille's Modern Vintage

Terry Atkinson Tortilla Strips Quilt in Bonnie and Camille's Modern Vintage    100_0678

They are the same pattern, but 2 very different looks based on the fabric choices.

Julie from Wanna-Be-Quilter also joined me at the test pattern class.  Here is her version using Riley Blake Chevrons.

If you get to the chance to test a new pattern, do it!  We had a lot of fun and walked away with a great quilt!

About My Pieced Life

I am in love with all things quilting. My sewing room has many works-in-progress and a large stash of fabric. I have big plans and lots of ideas of creations I would like to make. My wonderful husband supports my obsession and Carson, my Australian terrier, keeps me company while I sew.
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2 Responses to Terry Atkinson Test Pattern Class

  1. wombatquilts says:

    Love how this quilt top flows… the stripes are a fabulous and I am going to borrow the idea for my next sampler… thanks.

  2. Eva says:

    I like your churn dash quilt – I wouldn’t have seen, that there were some “things to solve”. 😉
    I am following you on bloglovin but I didn’t get your last posts?!? Do you know why this might be?

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