WIP #9 Update: Honey Honey Ritzy Cracker Quilt

I don’t know if I have ever been more disappointed with a quilt.  I had such hopes for this quilt.  It was to be a gift for my mother-in-law.  I started this project back in June, then life happened.  I had decided that the quilt needed to be a bit bigger.  I had to look at my previous post to remind myself what the pattern was.  It really needed to be finished, no one is getting any younger!


I went back to this project at the retreat in November.  That is when I noticed the problems.

Problem #1

The first glitch was using the Frixxon fuchsia highlighter.  For some reason, it still shows a whiter line.  The blocks were in my car overnight because my husband helped me pack up the night before.  Well, November is a cool month in Minnesota.  The Frixxon markings return with a cold temperature.  When I ironed the blocks, the pink markings were gone, but you could still tell I had used some sore of marker.  I haven’t had problems with the markers before.  This was the first time I had used the fuchsia color.  I don’t know whether it was the pink color, the white fabric, or that the quilt top has been in progress since June. It isn’t really terribly noticeable, but I notice it.  Hopefully, washing the quilt will take of that problemI was hoping that a washing would get rid of any markings.

Pink highlighter markings:


White line residue:


Problem #2:

The blocks were all trimmed to the same size.  I had the center marked (as previously stated), so the process would have been the same.  I finished the last few blocks and was putting the rows together.  I even had 2 of the 9 done last spring.  When I started sewing the blocks together, some of the weren’t matching up.


while others matched up perfectly…


I showed my hubs what a hot mess the quilt was… his response: “Finish the quilt, but you may want to skip putting your quilt tag on it and donate it somewhere they don’t know you.”  Isn’t that a nice way of saying that quilt is “all jacked up”?

Is it worth paying to long arm this quilt?  Honey Honey Ritzy Cracker may be the first quilt I attempt to quilt on my desktop machine.  Though, that would require me to learn how to baste a quilt and wrangle that about.  I do have to learn how to use my Bernina Stitch Regulator at some point.  I just figured it would be a table topper and not a large lap quilt.  This may add to my trauma/drama…

I may have some PTSD from this quilt.  I have a bunch of fat quarters and 2 jelly rolls in this fabric line, Kate Spain’s Honey Honey.  I don’t know if I will be using them.  I really have bad memories from this quilt.

A final picture of the hot mess:

imageLinking up with Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts!  A finish is still a finish!

About My Pieced Life

I am in love with all things quilting. My sewing room has many works-in-progress and a large stash of fabric. I have big plans and lots of ideas of creations I would like to make. My wonderful husband supports my obsession and Carson, my Australian terrier, keeps me company while I sew.
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17 Responses to WIP #9 Update: Honey Honey Ritzy Cracker Quilt

  1. Sometimes we quilters are way too hard on ourselves. I think that your quilt top is just beautiful.

  2. pennyguglie says:

    Sorry that you had such bad luck. I have no ideas except embrace the mistakes and see themas learning experiences.

  3. Carie says:

    I think you’re being really hard on yourself, it looks great in the pictures of the whole thing. If you’re really cheesed off with it, what about designating it a garden quilt and then it doesn’t matter so much if a couple of blocks are a bit off – not that I’ve done this with any of mine of course!! I quilt all of mine on my little Brother machine – right up to double bed size, it’s a bit of a fiddle but it is very doable if you’re thinking about it!

  4. Eva says:

    Ahh – I know that, theoretically everything should match – but then… I think some mismatching is okay, isn’t it? Of course it is lovely to see some perfectly sewn quilts but wat makes them really personal? I think the imperfectness. Problem 1 won’t be a problem at all, if it doesn’t disappear while washing, you are already having perfect quilt lines 😉
    Haha – if I am getting on my husbands nerves with something that doesn’t go well, he says similar things. I suppose they just wanted to have you on – and I think it worked perfectly… 😉
    I am sure your mother in law will love it! The picture of the top looks just great! 🙂

  5. Terri says:

    Love your husband’s response. Sounds like something mine would say, too. I can totally understand your frustration, but honestly your final picture of the quilt looks great. Even though the process of making this one didn’t turn out how you would like, I bet someone else would love it a lot!

  6. I had the same problem with the yellow Frixion marker, but for some reason the blue marker works great. I’ve read that a washing should take care of the problem, so your lines will probably disappear. Us quilters are way too hard on ourselves, although I totally understand your frustration with points not matching up. I would definitely have it quilted. It’s a lovely quilt, and your m-I-l is sure to love it! 🙂

  7. Remember the galloping horse! If you are riding by the quilt will you see any errors? The quilt is beautiful and your MIL will love it! Sometimes we have stunning work that pleases us, sometimes not so much. We are not machines. We are giving a handmade gift of ourselves and sometimes life and oopsies happen. Embrace the individualism.

  8. msminnesota says:

    Such a bummer! I know the pain and heartache of an ‘all jacked up’ quilt. As you know, that one didn’t even make it to the top-assembled stage….it’s still in a pizza box waiting for me to finish it ‘wrong’ and then we’ll figure out what to do with the damaged goods. I also understand your new aversion to the fabric you once really liked….that’s kind of how I am with Architextures! Oh, how I wish it were different….

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  13. Diane says:

    Your quilt is very, very beautiful and those bitty flaws that seem huge to you now are really nothing and will be less so as time passes and the memories of its making are chased away by the memories made in its being used. Also I think I remember the quilt was intended for your MIL. That makes you more self-critical and nervous. I know when I was making a baby quilt for my daughter-in-law I was paranoid about my color choices and straightness of quilting lines. And she was not a quilter so I know she would not have noticed. And a demerit to your hubby … after all you put in all that work for his mom! I actually have this quilt pattern bookmarked in one of my books because I thought it would be fun and fascinating to do but I have yet to get to it. I did wonder how difficult getting those corners to mesh precisely would be. Cheers to you for having the gumption to make the thing while I am still thinking about it! Your floral prints and spring color blends are refreshing and the end product will be loved a lot I am sure.

    • Thank you for your perspective! Creative people can be so self-critical of their own work. The pressure always increases when the project is a gift. I think you should try the pattern. Other people have had success with it. I just crossed some measurements in my mind, didn’t trim the blocks the same, etc. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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