Sunday Stash due to SR Harris – Part 2

After talking to the SR Harris manager, I was on high alert for Tula Pink Parisville!  (Part 1 is here.)

I called and a lady said that there had been some Tula Pink Parisville Teardrop Ships – last she had seen was 4 bolts.  I was welcome to search.  I felt I needed to get up there on the off-chance that this OOP fabric might be there.  Tula Pink Parisville fabric is in high demand.  On Instagram, Ebay, and Etsy, yardage is going anywhere from $20-$95 a yard depending on the print.

I really didn’t know what I was getting into.  The newer SR Harris gave me a false sense of what it would take to accomplish this mission.  I got there and found this…



Did I mention that there were over a dozen shelves like this?  That there were 7+ aisles of quilting cotton fabric?   Each aisle was defined by two tall shelves of fabric.  There was lots of Dear Stella, Michael Miller, Free Spirit, Riley Blake, Windham and lots of other brands that I was unaware of.  There was even Albert and Victoria Museum fabric.  No Moda!  : (  There was no rhyme nor reason with the exception that some holiday fabric was together.


I scanned soooo many bolts of fabric.  I would scan sections, then shelves, and try to view them from the side.  I had to create some order otherwise I would have been even more overwhelmed.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t wander up and down many rows multiple times.   Thankfully, I had brought a Gatorade with me to help power through!

If you found something you liked, you needed to put it in the cart.  There was no guarantee you would ever find something back.   Getting the fabric out from the stacks was an issue.  I had to take the bolts off the top to get to the lower bolt.  There was no sliding out the fabric due to the weight of the other bolts.


Any semblance of order was quickly explained by this sign:


If I could have moved the bin of buttons, I could show you the rest of the steps.  Step #7 is put the fabric back where you found it!  How hilarious is that!  I am hoping that people are kind enough to put it back in the correct section.  The honor system is great if people actually follow through.

The honor system is also used to cut your own fabric and label the yardage with the price.  It would be simple if they were rotary cutters, self-healing matts, or tape measures.  None of that fun stuff.  There were yardsticks, a few scissors, labels, and pens in the box at the center of long tables.   I had to wander around a little to watch what others were doing so I could observe, read the signs, and imitate!  At one point, a lady asked me if I worked there.  I quickly said no and contained myself from busting out laughing!  If she only knew how clueless I was!

Helpful hints:  Use the restroom before you begin your search!  You may want to bring a bottled drink to help energize/refresh yourself.  A granola bar or snack would have also been wise!

The warehouse is huge!!!  I briefly glanced at the cotton solids and batiks.  I didn’t even make it through the part of the store that was trims, fashion apparel, or home decor.  Who knows what else was back there!  I was there over 2 hours and barely saw what was all there.

What did I find?





I was texting pictures to Julie giving her options for fabric stash!

What did I purchase?


Yes, those are Tula Pink’s Parisville Teardrop Ships!  I found a little over 2 yards!!

IMG_3032  Riley Blake’s Glasses


Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea

IMG_3035Timeless Treasure’s Goldfish

Curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out the original SR Harris store.  I was able to find some Tula Pink Parisville.  Going with hopes of finding certain fabric is just crazy!!  There is just so much fabric, but you might find a treasure!  SR Harris get new shipments in every two weeks.  Not sure how long before the fabric actually gets out on the shelves.  I may attempt a return trip in a few months or so.  It is a 2 hour drive for me, so it isn’t necessarily a quick trip.   I will definitely stop in at the Burnsville/Savage branch when I get the chance.  It is en route any time we head towards Minneapolis.  SR Harris was definitely an experience!

Linking up with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash.

P.S.  My sister mentioned my visit to a friend of hers.  Her friend had been there!  She took a friend, but didn’t make it very far into the store because of a panic attack.  I totally can see why that would happen!  I was overwhelmed and I have an idea of fabric prints.

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3 Responses to Sunday Stash due to SR Harris – Part 2

  1. Woah that store sounds crazy! Sort of like extreme orienteering for quilters! Well done for getting to the finish line!

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