2015 Finish #10: Scrumptious Fairground Banner

The Scrumptious Fairground Banner quilt has been a long time coming!  I started this quilt in January 2014 and finished the quilt top in March 2015.  I blame my crafty ADHD for getting me off task.  I really do like the fabric and pattern design.  I even had all of the minky fabric to finish the back.

Not surprisingly, the binding was done long long ago!


I was able to schedule a March long arm appointment.  I used a “wind” pattern to give the effect of a breeze blowing the banners.  I think that the long arm quilting pattern needs to give the quilt some movement




Julie was quite smart when she suggested I trim my quilt at the long-arm rental shop.  That meant that the minky debris was not in my home!  Don’t worry, we cleaned up after ourselves with duct tape and a vacuum!


I was all ready to do the binding and then I changed my mind.  The green bias stripe binding and the minky colors just didn’t work together.  So, off to search for the Scrumptious pink bias stripe fabric.  That is the most rare of the Scrumptious binding – lots of green and orange available.  However, I was successful and found the fabric.





I get questions all the time asking how I have such straight binding.  My trick is bunion pads.  I use them as a guide, so the sewing is straight.  I use a quarter-inch foot with a guide when sewing.  I don’t trust my ability to sew straight.  I fold the binding over as I sew.  This quilt was so fluffy, that I had to double up the bunion pads.




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Another 2015 APQ’s UFO Challenge Finish:  APQ’s UFO Challenge 2015 p. 1

Thanks APQ for helping keeping me on track and challenging me to finish up neglected projects!


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2015 Finish #9: All Jacked Up, Honey!

Even though this quilt is not my favorite and there are some really noticeable errors, I decided to finish this project of torment.   I still like the fabric, and I can look at the back more than the front, right?


I used a honey bee long arm quilting pattern.  Lucy, the owner, was willing to purchase the pattern.  I know of another quilt that I have in progress that will use it as well.  Plus, the pattern just gets added to her library selection so others may use it.

Lucy put the quilt on the long-arm frame.  She noticed that it wasn’t my best work.  I explained the long saga to her.  ; )  A few customers came in and I tried not to draw any attention to myself so they didn’t come over to check out the horror!

Sometimes you want the quilting to blend into the pattern so the pattern is the main attraction.  Well, that was not the case for this quilt.  The thread is a golden orange color.  The backing thread is more golden to blend in a bit more.




The quilting was a bit of a nightmare.  The process was fine, the viewing of all of the mis-matched seams was on full display.  Of course, that is when people came into the long arm quilting shop.  People are very curious and check out what is on the machines.  I felt like I had to make excuses or employ some smoke and mirrors deception!


The backing is Kate Spain’s Honey Honey in Blush apiary.   The binding is also from the Honey Honey line, coral tonal flower.



The variegated thread is from the Tula Pink’s Aurifil thread box.


A finished quilt!  I don’t know if I have been more relieved to have a project off my to-do list!




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Another 2015 APQ’s UFO Challenge Finish: APQ’s UFO Challenge 2015 pg 2

There is a special little girl that has been kind enough to take in this quilt and give it the love it deserves!

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2015 Finish #8 – Domestic Diva Cupcakes

I made this quilt at least 2 summers ago.  This is a really quick quilt to put together.  It is from the Modern Basics by Amy Ellis.


The block is really simple, you make the same block and turn it 90 degrees or 180 degrees to create the pattern.

The apron fabric print says “Don’t mess with my apron strings”


When I decided to bring a 2nd quilt to my long arm appointment on President’s Day, my options were limited by time and ambition.  In an effort to save time, I thought about using minkee instead of cotton yardage.  I thought it would be easier than matching up the patterns on the cotton fabric.  In the meantime, I dug out what was left of my Domestic Diva stash.  I found a surprise… it was the pieced backing that I had made years ago when I made the quilt top.  Dilemma solved – the lazy way!  I sewed the zippers on and called it good.   (After all that work… I realized the next morning, that the 2nd long arm machine doesn’t need zippers.)

Lucy, the owner of O2b Quilting, was kind enough to help get this quilt loaded and set up to quilt.  This was a tremendous help being I had a dr. appointment at 12:45.  I still struggle gauging how much time sewing and quilting takes.

Lucy purchased this cupcake pattern from digitech patterns to use on the quilt.  She already had a cupcake pattern, but it had daisies.  My quilt had roses on there.  Would have much rather had just the frosted cupcake.


Lucy also picked out a perfect thread color too!  She said I should grab Superior Thread’s 425 color.  It was a perfect brown for the top and had a matching medium brown for the backing.  I usually buy an extra bobbin of the same color to use when I put the binding on. I machine bind the binding so I use the same thread to blend it to the long arming


You can see the cupcake pattern on the quilt top!

IMG_2896I had to leave before the quilt was done, but Lucy helped a girl out!  I picked up the quilts a few days later.

Binding:  Had to go with the stripes!  I went straight grain binding versus bias binding.  I attempted to make bias binding, but the strips were going in alternate directions.  I folded them up and recut the binding.



Here is a quick shot of putting the binding on.



A completed quilt!



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Another 2015 APQ’s UFO Challenge Finish:  APQ’s UFO Challenge 2015 pg 2

Thanks APQ for helping keeping me on track and challenging me to finish up neglected projects!

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WIP: Sweet as Honey Wiley Way Quilt

I am so impressed by Art Gallery fabrics!  There is a certain feel and softness to their fabrics.  I am a huge fan of Moda and Riley Blake, but Art Gallery is definitely gaining ground in my stash.


I purchased this line of fabric from one of  Fat Quarter Shop’s flash sales.  I believe the fabric was less than $5.50 a yard.   I was patient and waited for the sale.

I had been eyeing this fabric up for some time.  I like to buy fabric –  there is no doubt about that!  However, I don’t like paying full price!  Since I have started quilting, I have noticed that full price fabric has increased about $3 a yard.  That adds up quickly, especially for backings.  If there is a fabric I really want, I stalk sales.  Plus I have faith that I will be able to find almost any fabric that I want.    Julie referred to me as a fabric bloodhound earlier this week.  It is a bit true!

I cut the fabric back in November for the Fall Quilt Retreat.  Since then, I haven’t made any progress.  It was a bit of a challenge making sure the beehives and deer were facing upright.  I know, this is an issue for very few quilters… I have been made fun of for this quirk.


IMG_3313 copy

With an empty design wall, this quilt has space for completing the layout.  Once, the rows are figured out – it shouldn’t take much time to sew the rows and quilt together.  I placed them in the order that the fabrics came in the fat quarter bundle.  Thankfully I was organized – my fabrics swatches were glued onto the back of the pattern so I could keep the order correct.




The pattern is Wiley Way by Sassafras Lane Designs.  Wiley Way has great instructions on how to cut the trapezoids.  I only made one error, the bottom left piece is backwards.  I was impressed considering that this was cut month ago and I may or may not have been functioning at full mental capacity!  I flipped once piece.  Luckily that fabric matches the backing and I was able to snip a section off to replace that piece.



This means that there is progress on my APQ UFO Resolution #18!  APQ’s UFO Challenge 2015 pg 2

The backing is all ready to go too!  I did that 2 weeks ago, when I was in a groove.  Binding was made earlier this month.

I am hoping that this will be a quick sew once everything is laid out.  Linking up with Lee’s Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday!


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Sunday Stash – Feed Company by Sweetwater


One of the nearby quilt stores was having a spring cleaning sale.  I couldn’t resist the offer, buy 2 precuts/bundles and get 1 free.  Sweetwater’s newest line, Feed Company, was on the shelf and included in the sale!

There were 5 different bundles made up, so I “purchased” all 5.







The 2nd free bundle I picked up was a cotton + steel x bundle.


I have no plan for any of these fabrics yet!  But do not worry, my Pinterest board is full of ideas and I have a drawer full of patterns waiting to be made.

Linking up with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash!

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2015 Finish #7 – Cherry Christmas Quilt

IMG_3255 Cherry Christmas has been completed.  I would have thought this would have been quilted sooner, but there was the white square dilemma.

Post 1:  WIP#7 Cherry Christmas Quilt

Post 2:  Memorial Weekend Quilt Top Finish

Post 3:  What to do?  Cherry Christmas Whites

Post 4:  Cherry Christmas Redux:  I couldn’t let it go”

We actually had President’s Day off this year, so I booked a long-arm appointment.  Bright and early at 8 a.m. for my day off!  That tells you I was serious about getting some quilting done. I was able to get the first machine up and running with my Cherry Christmas quilt.  While I was doing that, Lucy – the owner, was kind enough to help get the second one loaded and set up.  This was a tremendous help considering I had to leave by 12:45 p.m. for a doctor appointment. IMG_2892 I wanted something a bit more whimsical to match Aneela Hoey’s drawings.  This quilt has a winter/Christmas vibe, hence the name Cherry Christmas. I was torn between doing something “windy”, holly berries, circles, or snowflakes.  I couldn’t find the right circle pattern.  The holly and berries quilting might have been to overpowering on such a large scale.  The best I could do was to mix the wind and snowflakes. IMG_2889 IMG_2888 IMG_2890 This quilt actually was pretty simple and went without any major hitches.  The large snowflakes about 10 inches, so I wasn’t to do 2 passes while quilting.  However, if I would have done 2 passes (down the long arm and back) the snowflakes would have been small and intricate, therefore making the passes longer.  I went with a simple silver gray so the quilting is subtle and doesn’t distract from the fabric or quilt pattern.  The back has the matching silver thread that blends in well with the gray backing. IMG_2899 I decided to Sew My Stash as part of Instagram’s #sewmystash2015, and use fabric I already own.  I had the choice of white or green binding.  As much as I like white, I knew that binding would definitely show any amount of dirt.  So green became the winner by default.  You may be asking… didn’t she have the binding done?!?!  Nope, again no binding.  In my defense, my Cherry Christmas extras were living with Julie.  She has plans for a Cherry Christmas quilt with a layer cake, but was short a couple of 10 inch blocks.  She brought the fabric to the quilt retreat and I grabbed the green that I needed and sent the rest back with her.  Does that count as a bit of destashing? IMG_3231 The green is a cross between olive-green and lime.  Not the easiest to color match the thread.  I took the fabric to the local Janome dealer to pick up thread.  This was the winner:  Celery by Iris Quilting Cotton Thread

IMG_3250  Pretty happy with these corners!IMG_3251

I know that this seems like a long time for me to get the binding on since it was long arm quilted in February.  I have been dealing with some health issues lately, so nothing happens on any sort of deadline.  Plus I procrastinate binding!


SAM_0245 SAM_0246 SAM_0247

Number 9 of the APQ UFO Resolution List is D-O-N-E!!  APQ’s UFO Challenge 2015 p. 1

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A sense of accomplishment…

I haven’t turned my sewing machine on for over a week!  I haven’t been feeling the best this past week.  No energy or ambition to sew.

I was finally able to spend some time in my sewing room today!  I cleaned off  my ironing board and my sewing table!  There were a few purchases to find space for and a couple destash sales to pack for shipping.  It felt really good to be productive.


Two of the three are for quilts that are all quilted and just need binding.

The bottom roll is for Honey Honey Ritzy Cracker quilt.


The middle roll is for Cherry Christmas quilt:  part 1, part 2.


The top roll is for a quilt that I have cut, just need to lay out the fabric on the design wall.  Number 18 (Sweet as Honey Wiley Way) on my APQ’s UFO Challenge 2015 pg 2 list.  More to come on this project…

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